Logotype design

Technically speaking, the logotype refers to the written part of a brand, not to an icon, nor to words and an icon together. However, the widespread use of the word has eventually led one part to be equated with the whole, and “logotype” is now understood to be the image that identifies a brand (whether it is only a name or a name plus an icon). Technical terms (symbol logo, isotype, isologo) are for technical purposes, so let’s avoid these debates and embrace the power of the synecdoche!


You know full well what we are talking about when we refer to “logo”: to the image of your company, your brand, product or service.


Vibranding has a team of more than a dozen graphic designers that will come up with a logotype that will fit your needs, brand values, name, commercial objectives, your desire to be recognised, etc.

Our creative and artistic management team will already have taken care of your brand’s architecture, name and values, so the time has now come to transfer all of this to your image. You will be delighted with this image and so will the consumers. And even more so if you trust a trained and experienced team like ours that has the sensitivity to design a logo that tells people what your brand is like in a clear and precise way.

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