To know who you are, you need to know what your name is. Our name is one of the things that makes us most recognisable. Unfortunately, when we are born we do not get to choose our own name. It is chosen for us (and they do not always get it right).


However, a brand can choose its own name or that of its products. Vibranding helps companies and organisations to get the right names for themselves, their products or services, names that convey the values that we want to and make them recognisable and unique in the market.


Moreover, names are also part of our social recognition, aren’t they? The same goes for brands, services and consumer products. A good tagline complements the brand. A good slogan complements a product . We also take care of this. You are bound to be able to remember taglines and slogans associated with a brand, product or service. Wouldn’t you like the same thing for your own company?

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