New formats

One of the most powerful strategies for attracting the consumer’s attention is the surprise factor. And people are surprised by things that are different. In packaging, the new formats are all the designs (label, package, wrapper, packing or container) that are a cut above the rest, that do not use standard dies, formats or material, that herald innovation, that are exclusive. Developing new formats is taking packaging to the next level, increasing a product’s visibility and promoting corporate identity and values.


But there is also a practical function. We as an agency are committed to useful design, which means that we must continue to acknowledge that the new formats must also pursue practical ends. As Otl Aicher once said, “an uncomfortable chair is a bad chair even though it may serve as a work of art. It is bad design”. Well, the same goes for the new formats: if they surprise you and are nice but are not practical (to be used by the consumer or to contain a product), then they are useless.


Vibranding firmly believes that moving forward in the field of the new formats is the best guarantee of making a product a memorable one.

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