Packagings and containers

Do the containers into which we insert our ultra-cool packaging really need to be made of plain brown cardboard? Maybe, not so long ago, we would have answered: “it doesn’t matter, because the container doesn’t reach the target”. But it is becoming increasingly more common for the container to end up on the shelves in order to serve products directly to the consumer. Hence, it transpires that packing and containers convey brand values just as much as the logotype, label or package do.


The main advantage of addressing the design of packaging and containers from this branded perspective that we have at Vibranding is that corporate identity is reinforced and brand or product image improves ostensibly.


Moreover, and although the end consumer at the point of sale is not exposed to the packing (as occurs with non-mass-consumption products), giving it an attractive design aligned with the brand’s visual identity is also a good marketing and communication strategy. The end consumer is everywhere, not just at the point of sale. If your brand has already made an impact in another context (in the street, in a warehouse, on a lorry…), then it will be easier for them to recall your product when they go shopping.

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