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Veni — Cambridge School is a language school with eight sites in the Catalan district of Vallès Oriental (Barcelona). Until they came to us, they carried out visual campaigns every so often, depending on the needs of the moment, without any overall planning. And that actually created great confusion around their visual identity.

Despite Cambridge School having good brand equity,  its many different advertising formats (posters, brochures, leaflets, flyers, inserts, various kinds of banners, etc.) had an inconsistent graphic design. The values communicated by such visual inconsistency do not tend to be very positive.

  • Creative concept
  • Design
  • Graphic communication

Vidi — The steps we took were as follows: choose a style, choose a theme, choose a slogan and start production. The style was a flat design, as they provide many activities for children and teenagers so they wanted to communicate, above all, that learning is fun.

The theme was British explorers (not just because of the school’s name but also because teaching English is its main service). So we created Archibald, the campaign’s icon.

And finally, the slogan: “Un món d’idiomes [A world of languages] – Explore it!” It was in two languages but the English expression was easily understandable to a Spanish speaker. And it had a defiant spirit to bring out the adventurer inside all of us.

Vici — These initial steps were followed by many others all aimed at creating a repertoire of images, visual references and recurring graphic resources to lend unity to the entire campaign.

Summer courses have their own design aesthetic, as do the general course and company courses, which were to be more formal and serious and communicate the importance of speaking languages in order to stand out in the world of work.

So they kept the campaign concept but sacrificed the flat design aesthetic for a photograph that evokes these concepts.

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