Origin – Nayadel is a company that develops products for connecting the individual and the environment through vibrational mechanisms, natural elements and mathematical geometries – all from a holistic perspective. They sell water activators, space and energy harmonizers, consciousness amplifiers and connectors as well as protectors against harmful electromagnetic radiation.

The task we were asked to perform was to design the logo and create all the brand’s imagery based on certain indications: work with shapes and visual references from the universe of living technologies, create a balanced and descriptive emblem and, especially, use the golden ratio in the process.

  • Corporate identity
  • Branding
  • Logotype
  • Art direction

Balance – The result is a logo that refers to forms and concepts representative of energy philosophy: to the lotus flower, which stands for spiritual purity; to a fruit and its seed, which is a symbol of life, or to two hearts (inner and outer) connected by the energies that go from one to the other.

The design also shows a double wave based on the famous Fibonacci sequence (the divine proportion) and also refers to a Nayadel constant: water.
The corporate colour chosen was an “electric” blue that, in effect, refers to the energies handled by the Nayadel devices and is the colour of water, the colour of the sky, the colour of life.

Once finished, the logo underwent a study to check that its properties were harmonious and energetically balanced, that it was in line and there was connection.

Form – As we know, a brand is more than just a logo, so the next step was to work on Nayadel’s corporate identity. We created a very harmonious, dynamic and timeless visual universe in close association with the brand’s own aesthetic values.

We once again found inspiration in nature and its purest forms, and created a graphic system based on the geometries that shape the life and vibrations of the universe.
We also took care of the design of their website and its content, the graphic elements of commercial communication (roll-ups, flyers, brochures, canvas to dress their stands, etc.) and the art direction of all these elements.

This is how we managed to achieve graphic unity throughout the brand. Triangles, hexagons, cubes and octagons make up their imagery. Visual purity. Sacred geometry.

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