Emo Cap

Fluid mechanics

Liderpack Awards – 2016’s Premium Pack

Something purer and simple — This product is a cap. But not just any old cap. It is a cap designed by Nayadel to “aid the nesting of harmonic frequencies”. The vitality, energy and qualities of the liquid inside are thus restored and strengthened. The cap, when sold, is screwed onto a Vitbot, a bottle “designed according to the phi proportion so the vortex dynamics of liquids are naturally preserved inside”.

A product with such powerful characteristics required visually powerful packaging. However, the greatest challenge was that our customer’s product was not the bottle itself (or the bottle + the cap) but the cap alone. So we had to create packaging for a bottle in which the cap stood out above all else. And, naturally, we had to abide by the client’s other requirements: a holistic approach, phi proportion and the golden ratio, natural geometries, eco-friendly materials, etc.

  • Packaging
  • New formats
  • Art direction
  • Copywriting

Health inside — The end result was a hexagonal pack made of cardboard and recycled paper. To do that we took inspiration from honeycomb (as you will no doubt have realized). We did this, firstly, because Nayadel’s hexagon contains nectar in a manner of speaking.

And, secondly, because it is a good technical solution to contain and stack the Vitbot bottle, which is an ovoid shape. There is a hole in the side of the pack. This hole is round when flat but becomes (also) ovoid when it is given volume.

This is to communicate both the shape of the VitBot and Nayadel’s logo. So not only the proportions but also the shapes create a robust framework of references combining nature, the product and the brand.

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