Borges Natura

Something new

Borges recently launched the first walnut milk in Spain, thus entering the prized milk and vegetable drinks market. Their experience and position in the nut business enabled them to get things moving with the necessary expertise and powerful brand recognition.

We were entrusted to take the reins in designing the packaging for this unfamiliar product with the aim of being distinctive and innovative and without sacrificing communication of the brand’s values.

  • Packaging
  • Ilustration
  • Copywriting
  • Art direction

The result is a design that conveys a very clear and simple message: “You will find the same experience and tradition in this drink as you found in Borges nuts, but this drink is something new”.

We reinforced that message with product values such as the health benefits of nuts (which are also found in the Natura drinks range), and with some highly-distinctive visual elements for the product to stand out against competing brands.

In addition to Borges Natura’s tetra brick design, we also handled designing all the graphic communication elements for the range: displays, POS advertising, stoppers, vinyl floor graphics, promotional stands and accessories, trade kit, etc.

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